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Repair Process

Repair Blueprint

The first phase of our process involves blue printing all of the damage necessary to write an accurate plan for the repairs to your vehicle.

Awaiting Approval

After we develop a complete repair plan, your repair will then advance to the second phase of the process in which we obtain approval from all necessary parties.

Waiting on Parts

After your repair plan has been approved, the necessary replacement parts will be ordered.

Body Repair

During this phase of the repair, our technicians will perform all structural repairs and replacement of parts.


After structural repairs have been completed, the repaired components and replacement parts will be painted.


Once all of the repaired parts and replacement parts have been repainted and refinished, we will then re-assemble your vehicle.


This is the time required to send your vehicle to the dealership or other vendors to complete the final procedures necessary to fully return your vehicle to pre-loss condition.

Quality Control

Once body repairs, refinishing, and re-assembly is completed, your vehicle will undergo extensive detailing and quality control.

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